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The activity, governed by the magnetic dynamo takes place in stars at different evolutionary stages - before Main Sequence (MS), on it, and even in more advanced evolutionary stages. Different regimes of the dynamo operate in these stars depending on the evolutionary stage, structure and stellar rotation. As a result, different activity properties could be observed.

The project "Stellar Magnetism" aims a study of the magnetic fields and activity in stars at different evolutionary stages, both dwarfs and giants, by means spectral, spectropolarimetric and photometric observations and application of modern methods for data analysis like Zeeman Doppler Imaging and Doppler Imaging for mapping of the surface magnetic fields and spots, and high-speed photometry for study the fast variability of the magnetic structures, etc.

The study is on the basis of data obtained with Bulgarian and European equipment, in collaborations with astronomers from France, Switzerland. Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, etc. It is a multidiscipline area, with a participation of experts in stellar magnetic fields and activity, chemical abundances in stellar atmospheres, and theoreticians in stellar evolution and dynamo-theory. Our team is part of the Bcool project.